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I knew your face, but you were unrecognisable. You were faking it, wearing a mask to impress people who didn’t know or care who you really were. I don’t know whether it was fear of isolation, or a desire to separate yourself from those of us that were 'holding you back' but you’d changed. You weren’t the person I loved and you never would be again.


PLASTIC was written, recorded and mixed by HIGHWAYVES and mastered by Robin Schmidt (The 1975, beabadoobee, Sam Fender).


PLASTIC drops March 10th.

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HIGHWAYVES (HWYVES) are an artistic collective that have crafted a sound that races from spacious to suffocating, combining the dark aggression of grunge with dreamlike washes reminiscent of shoe-gaze. Each piece is punctuated with intimate, poetic lyrics that are as personal as they are universal. HIGHWAYVES are unashamedly earnest, laying bare their deepest emotions for all to join in collective catharsis.


HIGHWAYVES take an obsessive approach to their art; writing, recording and producing their own music as well as writing, directing and editing their videos. Their uncompromising approach is the key to creating a deep connection with their audience.


Mixed by HIGHWAYVES and mastered by Robin Schmidt (The 1975, YUNGBLUD, Beabadoobee), the debut single FRAME IT comes out January 27th, with much more to follow in 2023.

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